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IBM Journal on Ulitzer I've written numerous technical entries both here and elsewhere about the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance. The appliance is a cloud management device that is geared towards those enterprises that for a variety of reasons (security, privacy, performance, customization capability, existing investment, etc.) are looking to benefit from on-premise or private clouds. The initial version of WebSphere CloudBurst, released in June of 2009, introduced the capability for you to create, deploy, and manage WebSphere application environments in a cloud that they retain control over (you can read a short article about the 1.0 version of the product here). While that may seem straight forward enough, this can radically change the way you come to perceive your application environments. By using this appliance-based approach, you can achieve flexibility and agili... (more)

Positioning for PaaS

One objective look at the current PaaS market provides all the evidence you need to conclude that we are in but the infancy of development for this technology. I want to be clear here, there are some really cool (and more importantly value-providing) offerings out there, but there is a long way to go. Specifically, I am not convinced anyone can make a case that we have solutions today that comprehensively address two concepts that will become mere table-stakes in the PaaS play space. First, there is effective abstraction and commoditization of infrastructure. Users should have t... (more)

Do Appliances Have A Role in Cloud's Evolution?

Recently, I read an interview with fellow IBMer, Bruce Otte, in which he laid out IBM's Roadmap to ‘Smart Clouds' by highlighting five key areas. I'm not going to enumerate those here, if you are interested you can check out the interview, but there is one thing that especially caught my eye: the notion of cloud appliances. Even before my day job revolved around one of our cloud appliance offerings, the idea of cloud appliances, and actually just appliances in general, intrigued me. Coming from a background that was decidedly hardware agnostic, which is not very uncommon when yo... (more)

What Skills Do You Need for the Cloud?

Over a year ago, I posed a simple question in a post: ‘Should developers care about cloud computing?' In the post, I went on to assert that developers should indeed care about what was at that point a little more of an emerging trend. Not that this was ever a controversial issue, but in light of the growing momentum of cloud since that post, and the realization that the effects of cloud reverberate throughout entire IT organizations, this is no longer even a question. So, cloud computing definitely ‘affects' developers and other technical employees, thus they should certainly ca... (more)

Different Roads to Cloud Adoption

I find that it is interesting and sometimes even helpful to sit down and reflect on past experiences. That's true for life and it's true for work. In my last post, I reflected on some of the common challenges I have seen in the rollout of enterprise cloud projects. In this post, I want to shift gears a bit and take one giant step back if you will. Let's talk about the common patters for how organizations are adopting cloud in the first place. I like to keep things as simple as possible. Remember, just because something is simple does not make it any less true! I like to boil down ... (more)