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I would venture a guess that many cloud service providers are happy with cloud conversations going on in enterprises today. I say this because, at least in my experience, enterprises are truly starting to seek out and embrace the idea of PaaS. Many times these enterprises have adopted or are adopting an IaaS approach, and they are looking to push the cloud up the stack. They want to address their application platforms and applications. This is refreshing and exciting, but also extremely challenging. Why, you ask? It is challenging because this is leading to a convergence of IaaS and PaaS in the enterprise that will test both providers and consumers on cultural, procedural, and technical fronts. Empirical data, and common sense, seem to suggest that many enterprises start their cloud journey by evaluating and possibly adopting IaaS solutions. The primary units of in... (more)

Cloud Computing: Application Services and PaaS

One of the first things I learned when I started talking with clients about their plans for platform-based clouds is that there is no such thing as a ‘simple application environment.' Even for the most basic, CRUD-style applications, you can count on there being numerous different components involved in the overall solution. While one may immediately identify application servers, web servers, and databases, it quickly becomes clear that LDAP servers, identify management components, data grids, load balancers, and more are equally important. Indeed, the enterprise application ec... (more)

Cloud Computing Service Elasticity

Many enterprise IT decision makers are probably currently, or will be shortly, contemplating some type of cloud computing solution that promises to deliver benefits to their operation. After all, cloud computing solutions, when utilized prudently, are hard to resist. As these decision makers prepare to weigh the pros and cons of such solutions, there is one consideration that is perhaps more important than all others: Will this solution enable elasticity among my services and applications? Hopefully the answer to the above question is a confident 'Yes'. A lot of discussion is giv... (more)

Should Developers Care About Cloud Computing?

It seems like just about every cloud computing discussion with a development audience results in the same question being asked: “Why does this matter to me?” As cloud computing first appears to be primarily an operational-centric paradigm, it is easy to understand the reason this is asked. This question can be answered in a variety of ways. Some may say that cloud computing doesn’t affect the developer in any way, while others will say developers need to totally revamp their skill set to cope with the new landscape proffered by cloud computing. The truth, as always, is somewhere ... (more)

Bringing Cloud Computing to SOA

There’s no shortage of opinions on how cloud computing and SOA are related. Just plug the phrase into your favorite search engine and you’ll have a day’s worth of reading. What you are likely to find are articles discussing how SOA led to cloud computing, how a good SOA is a prerequisite to leverage cloud computing, or how to leverage cloud computing in your SOA. I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading these types of articles and listening to experts talk about SOA and cloud computing, and that got me to thinking. How can companies bring the cloud experience to their SOA? In orde... (more)