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I find that it is interesting and sometimes even helpful to sit down and reflect on past experiences. That's true for life and it's true for work. In my last post, I reflected on some of the common challenges I have seen in the rollout of enterprise cloud projects. In this post, I want to shift gears a bit and take one giant step back if you will. Let's talk about the common patters for how organizations are adopting cloud in the first place. I like to keep things as simple as possible. Remember, just because something is simple does not make it any less true! I like to boil down my characterization of cloud adoption strategy into just two camps: strategic and tactical. You may hear the same kind of thought referred to as bottom-up and top-down approaches. However, I believe those terms usually have a technical connotation, and I do not want to pigeon hole cloud adop... (more)

Security Isn't the Biggest Obstacle of Cloud Computing

IBM Session at Cloud Expo Frankly I've grown weary of the debates over the security of cloud computing. It's not that I don't appreciate that there are technical hurdles in front of us, but we have reached a point that a security vulnerability in a single offering, whether that offering is in the public or private cloud, results in loads of silly commentary that links the particular problem to the overall state of cloud security. I'm not sure if those involved in this commentary have a vested interest in driving this kind of dialogue, or if it happens because it is easy to write... (more)

Advocating for the Value of Enterprise Standardization

When I go out and chat with different users about cloud computing, we usually end up discussing characteristics and associated benefits of the approach. As one may expect, rapid provisioning and increased asset utilization typically dominate the discussion. Users can draw a more or less straight line from these characteristics of the cloud to clear value for their organization, either in cost savings, increased revenue opportunity, or both. While these characteristics and their benefits may be clear, there is another value-producing characteristic of the cloud that, in my experien... (more)

Cloud Computing Service Elasticity

Many enterprise IT decision makers are probably currently, or will be shortly, contemplating some type of cloud computing solution that promises to deliver benefits to their operation. After all, cloud computing solutions, when utilized prudently, are hard to resist. As these decision makers prepare to weigh the pros and cons of such solutions, there is one consideration that is perhaps more important than all others: Will this solution enable elasticity among my services and applications? Hopefully the answer to the above question is a confident 'Yes'. A lot of discussion is giv... (more)

Should Developers Care About Cloud Computing?

It seems like just about every cloud computing discussion with a development audience results in the same question being asked: “Why does this matter to me?” As cloud computing first appears to be primarily an operational-centric paradigm, it is easy to understand the reason this is asked. This question can be answered in a variety of ways. Some may say that cloud computing doesn’t affect the developer in any way, while others will say developers need to totally revamp their skill set to cope with the new landscape proffered by cloud computing. The truth, as always, is somewhere ... (more)